Experience the Gold Standard


Our PRO Mirrors ensure even, shadow-free illumination by directing LED light towards your face, resulting in maximum illumination.


With a CRI of 90, our LEDs offer excellent color rendering, which makes it perfect for makeup and grooming applications.

superior satisfaction

Women, who make up more than 42% of hotel guests, consistently rate bright illumination in the bathroom as one of their most desired features.

Led Lighting Technology with High quality mirrors

Our cutting-edge LED lighting technology is meticulously integrated into premium mirrors, creating an unmatched synergy of aesthetics and functionality. Enjoy superior clarity, even illumination, and energy efficiency that transforms your daily routines into an elevated experience.

High CRI
Energy Efficient
Adjustable installation

Installation and Maintenance Made Simple with
NOVA LED Mirrors

Discover the convenience of our LED mirrors, where ease of installation and maintenance take the forefront. When it comes to maintenance, their durability and low-maintenance features make them a lasting and hassle-free addition to your space.

PRO Series

The PRO mirror series is a collection of mirrors with an innovative profile design that efficiently reflects 99% of the light towards the front. This unique design ensures superior illumination and brightness, making it perfect for guests who power dress.

Club Series

The Club series is a collection of mirrors featuring an open profile design that offers both halo and front illumination. This innovative design allows for a stunning display of light, creating a beautiful halo effect around the mirror. Additionally, the Club series mirrors are designed to be cost-effective without compromising on quality. With their efficient lighting and stylish design, they are an excellent choice for those looking for both affordability and elegance.