Experience the GoldĀ Standard

aluminum > wood

Aluminum surpasess wood in terms of strength, durability, weather resistance, ensuring your guestrooms look new forever

10 Year Coating Warranty

Each Mirror frame is coated with 10 year outdoor grade powder that looks brilliant, and prevents ageing and swelling due to moisture

CustomiZed designs

Choose from an excellent range of designs, shapes, colors and accessories, which enhances your guest rooms and public areas.


Our aluminium frame mirrors are expertly designed to effortlessly blend style with practicality. Enjoy superior clarity, a pristine mirror surface, and an eco-friendly design that enhances your daily routines, making them more refined and efficient.

Wide range of sizes
Multiple finish options
Adjustable installation


Whether you prefer a symmetrical square shape or the more traditional rectangular form, we have the flexibility to accommodate your needs.


This contemporary round mirror combines industrial chic with modern vintage aesthetics, while a dark brown leather strap adds rustic charm and allure.